Friday, July 3, 2009


2) IceRocket ( - IceRocket is an Internet search engine specialized in searching blogs.
  • Pros: Real‐time monitoring of blogs/social media, Link, topic & trend tracking tools
  • Critiques: Can’t search videos directly, Some searches take up to a minute to load
  • Cool: BigBuzz Search
  • Cost: FREE

3) Google Geo Search ( - The Google Search Tool is a simple tool that creates a url to the official google search page based on the location and data center you choose.
  • Pros: Search Google by region, Simple to use, quick and streamlined
  • Critiques: None
  • Cool: No ads, No clutter
  • Cost: FREE

4) BackTweets ( - Search for links on Twitter.
  • Pros: Search Twitter for links to your site, See’s through compressed URL’s, Sort results by date or user
  • Critiques: None
  • Cool: Set up regular RSS updates
  • Cost: FREE
Know’em ( - KnowEm checks the availability of your brand name, user name or vanity URL on 120 popular Social Media websites.
  • Pros: Check brand‐name availability for 120 social networks, Very quick and easy!
  • Critiques: Occasional network error when pinging site(s)
  • Cool: Promote brand cohesiveness, Monitor brand/identity theft, Can automatically register your username for extra$$
  • Cost: FREE

SpyFu ( - Spy on your online competitors and download competitors keywords and adwords.
  • Pros: Great competitive insight on PPC & Organic, Works in browser, quick & thorough, Free stuff is good – though you can subscribe for more
  • Critiques: Busy interface, Not intuitive as to what a particular button/tool does
  • Cool: Dashboard: charts and data mash‐ups
  • Cost: FREE plus subscription options

  • Backlink Checker Tool ( - Enables webmasters to check their pagerank, monitor the PR of competitor’s backlinks, estimate a value of their site, and more.
  • Pros: Quickly oversee a site’s backlinks, Show which links have the ‘nofollow’ tag, List anchor text for incoming links as well as their PageRank
  • Critiques: Don’t forget the ‘http://’ or it returns no results
  • Cool: also has other useful tools
  • Cost: FREE

  • GSiteCrawler ( - Windows Generator for Google SiteMap Files.
  • Pros: Crawl simulation provides detailed spidey‐vision, View canonical and duplicate content issues, aborted URLs, page, file sizes and more, Automatic XML sitemap creation
  • Critiques: Large sites may take a few hours and need to be run overnight, Crawlers will get stuck in a loop on sites with dynamic URLs
  • Cool: One‐stop audit shop, Exports multiple reports
  • Cost: FREE

  • Google Insights for Search ( - With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.
  • Pros: Identify phrases by topic/brand/category you want to rank on, Geo‐target where to sell your products, Identify product seasonality, Identify if news stories relate to spikes in searches
  • Critiques: No “real” search frequency number only relative comparison
  • Cool: Breakout tool identifies phrases rising in search frequencies
  • Cost: FREE
    • Epiar Negative Keywords Lists ( - Negative keyword targeting is becoming increasingly popular to weed out worthless impressions and clicks in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.
    • Pros: Save 5% to 40% on PPC spend! And maintain/increase sales, Quick! Set of 14 or 19 online questions, Premium NKL custom keyword research per PPC campaig, Instantly generates list of top 2500 or 5000 negative keywords
    • Critiques: Not free
    • Cool: Premium NKL prioritized: Top 250 for Yahoo! or Top 65 for MSN
    • Cost: One time fee; no subscription

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